Anne Ahola Ward Founder

Anne Ahola Ward, Founder

Anne Ahola Ward is a published Author and SuperFuturist. Ward was named as one of Entrepreneur’s “27 Top Masters of Marketing that everyone can learn from” and once again in “Top 50 Inspirational Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017.” She sometimes tours as an IoT Influencer with the elite IBM Futurist Program and Adobe Insider Program. She has thrived in many areas of technology, but while working as a developer, analytics caught her interest and was an entrant into the field of search engine optimization as the field was forming.

Known Associates


Junior Account Manager

Jenn comes to us from the US Air force, but has more recently been transitioning into advertising since her graduation. Her bachelor’s degree is in public relations, but she’s also studied advertising and account management.


Head of Communications

Ashley Hayes is an experienced community leader and builder in the tech and startup space. She is responsible for leading teams in building communities for numerous startups, as well as several platforms at Google. Her previous clients include Yelp, Google Local, Zagat, and LivingSocial.




Tyler Durrett is our CTO extraordinaire. He is often in the lab and focused on improving performance as well as keeping up on the latest in conversion science (analytics). Tyler comes to CircleClick from FoodPornDaily and knows how to build amazing web experiences.




Amanda is a designer based out of Austin, focusing on creating compelling images and user experiences for our clients. She hails from Texas originally and enjoys giving clients a brand new look.




Caleb is a developer with experience in creating user interfaces and HTML5 animations. He is a quick draw when it comes to website jammin’ and rapidly rolling out fresh features. His interests include Film, DIY electronics, and creating web applications.


Social Media Coordinator

Allee has experience with public relations, marketing, social media planning and communications. She is passionate about start-ups and fostering growth within the entrepreneurial millennial community through her work.