Working from home? You are in good company

I am so excited to finally be one of those people occasionally working from home. It started with a small amount of angst. Would I wake up on time? Would I get isolated or out of town? These thoughts started to percolate after getting some furniture delivered recently. The delivery guy asked me if I worked from home.

My schedule varies, being in sales, I do not always work from home. But of course this time I happened to actually be on an important conference call when they arrived 17 minutes after their 3 hour window.

The gentleman went on to tell me that he was seeing a huge increase in people who were working from home. They were delivering desks and file cabinets every day. Interesting. Most of us hear about the virtual workforce all the time, ads from phone companies or laptop companies let you know just how easy it really is. Technology is the extend-a-rope letting us work from wherever we need to. I feel like a tech hero because I do videoconferences every week and often with multimedia streaming alongside me. The wonder of all this information available to us has to stop somewhere, right? Even the dentist uses technology to entertain us now.