A Preview of SXSW 2024

An Austin staple for decades, the size and scope of South by Southwest has only grown in recent years. Today, the conference and festival is a highlight of the March calendar not only for locals, but for people from all around the world. The 2024 version of SXSW is fast approaching and it promises to […]

close up girl hand using tablet with Facebook app on the screen with a dark background

Facebook’s New Link History Tool: Friend or Foe?

Facebook just introduced a new way to track the websites you visit – and if you’re familiar with the tech giant’s history of data harvesting, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.  The new setting, called “Link History,” keeps track of all the webpages you’ve visited within Facebook’s mobile browser over the past 30 days. The […]

The Top 5 Tech Trends of 2023

From the explosion of AI chatbots to the decline of certain social media platforms, this past year has been a wild ride in the world of tech. Without further ado, here are my top five tech trends of 2023: 5. Growing Interest in Electric Vehicles Back in 2022, California became the first state in the nation to […]

Apple Wanderlust Event: Recap

Apple Wanderlust Event Takes Center Stage Every Apple event is a big deal. With a knack for the dramatic and no shortage of cool gadgets to show off, millions of people around the world tune in when Apple executives take the stage at their headquarters in Silicon Valley.  The Wanderlust event, which took place on […]

ChatGPT and the World of SEO

It seems you can’t go anywhere on the web these days without running into a conversation about ChatGPT and AI in general. The future of content seems certain to involve artificial intelligence at least to some degree, but what role it will play remains to be seen.  Let’s use this post to take a look […]

Threads: Meta’s Twitter Competitor and Its Impact on Businesses and Freelancers

Threads: Meta’s Twitter Competitor and Its Impact on Businesses and Freelancers Our digital world is buzzing with excitement as Threads, the brainchild of Meta (formerly Facebook), enters the social media arena. This revolutionary platform is already making waves, garnering a staggering 10 million downloads within just 7 hours of its launch. But what sets Threads […]

Google Launches INP to Core Web Vitals! Blog Header

Google Launches INP to Core Web Vitals!

A New and Dedicated Metric: Google Rolls Out INP to Core Web Vitals User experience and web development continue to evolve, and Google is working to help site owners and developers boost performance standards and usability across web pages. One of Google’s recent initiatives is to introduce INP, or Interaction to Next Paint, a dedicated […]

AI Tools Roundup Title

AI Tools Roundup

Artificial intelligence feels omnipresent lately. It seems that you can’t read a news story or look at an industry report without some mention of what AI is going to mean for the future, from automation to extinction! While some of those predictions will likely come true – so many more will fall flat – it […]

Biometric data

The Rise of Biometric Technologies

An Increased Need for Security Technology needs to make our lives easier and enable us as humans to live extraordinary lives we couldn’t otherwise. To some extent that’s true.  Have you bought a map or printed one in the last 5 years?  OR Have you had to rewind a tape before driving to return it […]