What did Google do to you?

Why is everyone trying to throw a dark cloud over Google. Do we all really still believe they try not to be evil? I read recently that there is a hulabaloo over the library system. Information is power and it should be free and open. It does make sense to me that with all of the information up for grabs, more than one entity should get to own the title of only library. Imagine if we were down to one library per city, per state? Is that where we are headed?

Amazon has yet to comment and that baffles me. With the kindle and all that Amazon has riding on the idea of virtual reading, I do not know why they are letting Microsoft and Yahoo be the only ones to fight Google about this. Recently I heard that Google will be charging for use of certain web-based applications like Google Docs and Spreadsheets. No way!

I guess $50 is completely reasonable to get to use it, but then it will create a higher expectation for service. When the screen refreshes sometimes my Google shared spreadsheet looks like it did 20 minutes ago, not 2 seconds ago. I have learned to select all and copy if it does not auto save. I do not mind copying text, but somehow I think that if my Google Spreadsheet is now shareware rather than freeware my patience will probably shorten. We all want to live in the cloud with the latest and greatest apps. My advice is to remember who owns the information you are posting on a site or serer and what happens when you need a backup without that precious commodity known as net connectivity.