What makes a good software product? Vitamins vs. Pain Killers


Nobody says software anymore, so I suppose I should use the term “app”.¬† The term software makes one think of shrink-wrapped boxes, not the web.¬† Although I am only 31, that number makes me an old lady in Silicon Valley years. I created my first website 13 years ago. Eeeks! Anyway, a wise person told me once that the software market is 80% vitamins, 19% pain killers and 1% narcotics. The narcotic out there would be the Facebooks and Twitters of the world. While FB and Twitter have narcotic effects on the mind, they aren’t clearly designed or meant for business – or to solve problems.


Businesses have pain, so what are the pain killers? The narcotics?

Business narcotics could be Salesforce for sales teams or Xero for accounting (or those who don’t want to hire accountants). Does the ultimate business pain pill mean that software replaces staff? Not every business knows about these solutions or is sure that they need them.

And so begins my shameless plugging. The entire goal of FinalApproach is to alleviate some of the pain, hopefully it is going to do that for small businesses. Getting an effective landing page online in minutes can bring in sales leads quickly and efficiently. We help with PPC too if needed. Small businesses don’t know how to market on the web or who to turn to. Here are some of the ‘pains’ we hear ALL THE TIME:

1. My website doesn’t get any leads
2. I don’t know how to put my website out there
3. We cannot make changes to our own site / update offers and specials
4. My ads on google are just costing us money and not getting leads

Done and done SMBs of America. Let’s all enjoy this ride! To top this excitement off, we are having a product launch party in New York. We are taking the leap and making it happen. Making a pivot feels simultaneously thrilling and horrifying – we pivot from consulting to software.¬† The term growing pains never meant a thing to me until CircleClick acquired me.