Google landing page flattery will get you everywhere…

We drink it, so should you

Recently a fledgling competitor decided to quote us in one of their blog posts. Awesome. I love that they credited us and that they agree. What I find confusing is that they seemed to have missed the fact we have a competing product – which is BETTER! Maybe I have drank a good deal of the CircleClick koolaid, but when putting our landing page builder up against the others out there, it isn’t even close.

We drink it, so should you

CircleClick Koolaid?

Many people can google ‘landing page’ to find out what it means, but few actually grok it. My last blog covered the random question aspects of landing pages that we deal with, but this blog post is meant to assert dominance. The reason that our landing page builder is the best is the experience that has gone into it. Collectively we have built hundreds of landing pages and seen them fly. We like to brag that “our landing pages get around.”

Recently I was bombarded by a competitor at a networking event. Talking to him felt like getting spammed. He never picked up on my social cues and used words he didn’t think I knew the meaning of. This guy didn’t even realize we were competitors because he failed to look at my business card as I handed it to him. Major faux pas! The best part of the conversation is when he told me how they did organic work for their client’s landing pages.

“WHY would you do that?” I asked in the least judgemental tone I could muster. He said “why not” and then proceeded to talk at me for another few minutes, he may have even referenced the google machine (seriously). This gentleman never did explain his logic to me, but¬† it would have probably been b.s. anyway. Why would you want a time based promotion in the google index? Why would you waste a client’s resources (both time and money) with organic work that will never really succeed. PPC and Organic search campaigns are two very different animals. The landing page is clearly the tool to utilize PPC and a good corporate site with well organized content is the tool for organic.

Competitors, pay attention! It’s a big web out there, but it pays to be smart…!