My Favorite 5 Free Web Tools

Some of these tools are more for business and some are for pleasure. The common thread is that I think they are fun and free, how many things in life are truly both?!

1. Klout. Many think that gauging reputation online is just witch craft. Maybe it is hocus pocus to think that we can measure social reputation? I don’t think so. A good example of why klout matters is a recent example of a Disney movie premier. Folks with high klout scores were given opportunity to get tickets, gift baskets, etc. related to the movie. I believe this is just the beginning of what measuring reputation online will be able to do.

2. Spokeo. This site legitimately freaks me out! Check this site to see what others can find out about you… And you thought Jigsaw was annoying?!

3. This one is just random…. Wordle!

Wordle: CircleClick

The image is a snapshot of words used on the CircleClick blog, by There is no business benefit to this tool whatsoever, it’s just cool.

4. Free App a Day. Technically speaking this site is for iPhones, iPads and Androids, not the web. But hey, no rules here, just FREE apps. Pretty nice.

5. Social Mention, which they say is like Google Alerts, but for social media. Cool! No explanation needed.

This is me being random:

CircleClick Media on LinkedIn