Rest In Peace, Mr. Jobs

I just found out about Steve Jobs. Wow. We lost one of the biggest stars of the tech world today. I have had the good fortune of working for Apple, twice. Both of my tours there were amazing. Never before in my life had I been able to access every bit of knowledge I could possibly want; through sheer resources and amazing co-workers. I learned so much about technology, branding and marketing. Working for Apple taught me that I wanted to be a marketer rather than a developer. Even when I was a drone in tech support, it felt like I was a part of something big, something amazing. What Jobs accomplished in just one life would take ordinary people ten lifetimes. He invented the universal remote. He gave Disney a run for their money. He pretty much invented the concept of the personal computer. He made his own rules. He reinvented our relationship with technology, he put it in our heads and for some, our hearts.

My take away from this is that I need to take a cue from Mr. Jobs, we all should. Live your dream. Build it. I am only strengthened in my resolve to keep running my own company and growing it. Maybe I won’t reach the size of Apple, maybe I won’t get close, but I certainly am going to try.