Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson Steps Down

Everyone is a flutter in Silicon Valley right now, wondering what the circumstances are for Yahoo’s CEO Scott Thompson’s firing. Was he fired? Did he step down? It doesn’t really matter. He committed fraud.

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Yahoo in big trouble

Rounding out information on a resume is a questionable practice, but one that is very common. It’s like everyone cheating on the same math test, they know the teacher isn’t looking. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make it right. My major in school was liberal arts, not computer science. I was already working as a web developer for startups while attending school. I didn’t see the point of a Computer Science degree, it would be out of date by the time I finished it. However, one cannot argue it’s an easy degree to get, computer science is complicated and difficult for most to just ‘pick up.’ When Scott Thompson lied about having the foundation of a CS degree, he misrepresented himself significantly. Could he have accomplished the same career advancements without it? Possibly. In my experience, people who know what they are doing don’t NEED to lie. They just work, they don’t show boat.

The other story that seems to be circulating about Thompson is that he will have to pay back $7 million to Yahoo. While I am sure Yahoo could use the money, it depends on whether the ousted CEO was actually fired or ‘steps down.’ The big question to me is what’s next for Yahoo??? My advice is GO NICHE. They need to find their audience, fast.