What Marissa Mayer could do for Yahoo!

the new Yahoo CEO

This is our second blog on Yahoo in a week, which is kind of odd yet zesty to me. I’m happy that we are entertaining thoughts about the growth of a company that many wrote off, a la myspace. For the record, I have not written Yahoo off and do not plan to. Despite the gigantic size of Google and their sheer domination over many markets, competition needs to exist – it has to. Marissa Mayer’s move to lead Yahoo is incredible. She brought a lot to Google in terms of helping them with usability and overall user experience. Without Marissa on the payroll Google will march on, but I think they’ll be losing a bit of sparkle… The other big news is that Ms. Mayer is pregnant. I’ve seen some bloggers expressing concerns over that. COME ON! Really? I trust a woman with her capabilities will have no issues with child care. I think it’s a non-issue. Women today shouldn’t view pregnancy as a career killer, that’s a 1950s mentality.

the new Yahoo CEO

Marissa Mayer, CEO

So what could Marissa Mayer really do for Yahoo? Her product experience could help return Yahoo’s many under-valued assets to the forefront, specifically Yahoo finance and messenger. Yahoo has 700 million users every month, that’s not exactly starting from scratch. Their issue at Yahoo is as much about perception of failure as it is about failure itself. I think she can re-engage users and bring Yahoo up to speed. What they have lacked the most in recent years at Yahoo is a clear vision, clear leadership and Ms. Mayer can definitely provide both. Strong leadership and a clear direction should be enough to

And of course, my own personal bias from having met Ms. Mayer last year… I want to see another woman step into the CEO role and just rock it out. I know she can. I look forward to seeing what she can do!