3rd Annual SF AppShow Reviewed

CircleClick attended the 3rd annual SF Appshow in San Francisco last week. Hosted by Seth Socolow and presented by Gina Smith, SF Appshow featured this years newest mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Ten apps in all, each app was presented and voted on by the audience and also, viewers watching via live stream. There was even an all iPhone / iPad band called Smule, it was pretty cute… Needless to say I was into it.

Paying respects to Smule

Smule inspired…

These are the presenting apps:

  • Rumgr  Buy, sell & trade used goods with friends & neighbors.
  • Blue Kangaroo find the best deals, offers, discounts, and coupons for your favorite brands and products.
  • BigDay! Never miss another birthday or special occasion.
  • Zorro By Chocolapps SAS  the famous masked vigilante is coming to Chocolapps bringing fun and adventure for children and adults alike.
  • Stay.com is a social trip planner. Find the best attractions, hotels, restaurants and create your own personal travel guide for free.
  • Glaze turns your photos into high quality, painterly works of art.
  • Projectbook is a full-featured notebook and to-do manager that helps you find your notes, Word docs, and PDFs even without keywords, tags, or an Internet connection.
  • AppDisco you can create your own personal app store with only the stuff you care about.
  • DocuSign sign documents and get signatures quickly & easily from your iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.
  • Madefire enhances original content by giving creators the freedom to present their visions as dynamic, interactive experiences that unfold on-screen.


No matter what you’re interested in, SF AppShow had something for everyone. I really think Madfire is going to do well, they give you a whole new method to geek out. Stay.com is also going to be very useful for me as I’m a traveler. I knew Stay.com was the real deal when I looked up my home city and saw some things featured that I’ve never even heard about. I love that! AppDisco also gets MAD CRED for starting out on the android platform. I was only disappointed by the amount of demonstrators who were starting on iPhone only…. This isn’t VHS and Beta max, android has a very real audience and one that shouldn’t be ignored.

The after party at Temple was also quite a hoot. Smule really broke it down on the dance floor. I’ve never seen anyone so excited to show off their Gangham style moves! Gina and Seth were a great hosting duo. Well done lady and gent, we’ll be seeing you again soon.