Google IO 2013: What Were the Takeaways?

Reputation matters

The Google IO 2013 event took place on May 15 though 17th and brought together 5500 people to see Google’s latest updates and innovations.  These IO conferences are focused on the future of web, mobile, and social technologies, and are looked to as prophetic for the year to come.

Let’s cut to the chase and take a look at some of the most inspiring and exciting products showcased at IO 2013.

Yes of course, Google Glass was a big hit, with many guests strolling about wearing their own units.  Official Google Glass apps for Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr were presented for the first time, and the crowd was notably excited.

Though we have been seeing them everywhere and they have almost become old news before they are even available, there is no denying the sheer coolness of Google’s current pet project.  It is the herald of high-quality wearable technology, and everybody wants one. There have been a few sites that nicknamed the users of Google Glasses as #glassholes. Oh, my. That’s rude, but come on! Admit that you’re secretly laughing….

  • Google+

RevisedGoogle+ is getting more than a light makeover and by more, Google means to add 41 new features to the popular social media network.  One of the most notable features is the addition of Twitter-like hashtags, which will be applied automatically to posts.  Users can filter and search through posts by clicking through hashtags.

A fascinating feature to look forward to is called, honestly, Auto Awesome.  This program makes incredible changes to a photo or set of photos.  Family portraits can be analyzed for the best smiles, which can then be combined into image.  Related pictures can be made into animated GIFs.  Create filmstrips or panoramas, or just see what happens with any set of pictures.

  • Faster Streaming with the VP9 codec

Google claims that this new codec uses only half the bandwidth of today’s technology to deliver the same quality video.  With more than half of Internet traffic composed of streaming video, this is no small matter.

Widespread adoption of VP9 may lead to the use of video quality greater than HD, such as 4k. Luckily for many, Youtube supports the new codec.  VP9 will be offered publicly for free.

  • Music Streaming with All Access.

The All Access music streaming service, a product in competition with Pandora and Spotify, will now be included in the Play Music Store.  The service includes a very customizable radio station creator along the lines of the Pandora radio, but songs in the coming playlist can be reordered and deleted if desired.Personal recommendations are available and designed to be intuitive and on-target.  All Access aims to be a high-powered music player that takes the work out of listening to music.