Hampton Creek Uses Technological Approach to Revolutionize the Food Industry

On Wednesday, we here at CircleClick were fortunate enough to take a grand tour of the Hampton Creek headquarters to see behind the scenes of one of the most exciting up and coming companies in San Francisco. Hampton Creek’s mission is a simple one: revolutionize the food industry by providing healthy and affordable food to everyone, everywhere. Communications Director, Morgan Oliveira, explains that the only way to make a long-lasting impact in the food industry is to make healthy food that is “cheap, convenient, and tastes good”.

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As if the passion behind their mission wasn’t already a reason to be impressed by their work, Hampton Creek is not your average food company. They are operated and valued as a tech company, bringing a high level of scientific research and development to each of their projects. It’s easy to see why this approach is not only innovative, but also necessary, when you hear about how Hampton Creek is experimenting with plants to create an egg substitute. This plant alternative will allow consumers to treat it exactly as they would a chicken egg, but with one major exception: there is no cholesterol in their product!

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For those who are still skeptical, let me assure you that you won’t detect any differences in your favorite dishes. The only place you might see a change is at your doctor’s office when you get your cholesterol test back. From cookies to french toast to mayonnaise (we all ate the cookies before I could get a photo), each bite was packed full of the familiar flavor that everyone knows and loves.

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Thank you, Hampton Creek, for giving us an insight into your food revolution!

For more information about Hampton Creek products, as well as where you can find them in stores, visit their website.

Bonus Cuteness: Hampton Creek’s Chief of Happiness, Jake the Dog.

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