3 Unexpected ways to use G+

Let’s start off with the standard disclaimers, G+ is not for everyone. G+ is debatably not meant for living, breathing humans. I mean look at this fun interface!  Collections, what’s that about? A new feature nobody wanted or needed. Let the fun begin…

G+ screenshot

It’s hotly debated amongst SEOs if social matters for search. Google has said publicly they do not acknowledge social as a factor. Whether you believe in it or not, do I really need to convince anyone to care about G+? Some SEOs like myself view G+ for what it is, feeding the meter…

We care about G+ only because of who offers it, Google. However as both an android and gmail user I’ve found some kind of unexpected uses for G+. Yes, I realize how crazy this sounds.

1. Android people back up their stuff – it’s the easiest photo and video backup service BY FAR. This saddens me in some ways as I’ve tried to use other cutesy tools. G+ is by far the best way to auto back up my videos, pictures, screenshots and docs from the phone.

2. Bookmark your recipes – This one is more on the personal side, but I do love to cook. Where can I ‘bookmark’ my recipes I’m making without any judgements? G+!

G+ recipes

3. Politics – Again, since you’re dealing with ghosts, essentially, share those controversial posts! Share until it hurts. Be as brutal as you want – nobody will know. Not even your Mom.
Yes this was a sassy / fun post to do. We hope you have a wonderful start to the new year in 2016.