London Tech Week: Silicon Valley for Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders

Circle Click Media’s CEO Anne Ward will be heading to London to represent the Silicon Valley for Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders trade mission, hosted by London & Partners June 11th through the 13th.  This mission will bring in thousands of admirable women from all over the globe to unite them in one place, making them a force to be reckoned with.

“Delegates will get an exclusive insight into London’s tech scene, as well as targeted networking to grow their businesses in London. They will also experience what makes London a fantastic place to do international business, including making links with academic and government institutions, key infrastructure projects and exploring London’s cultural offering.” According to Business.London. While the ladies attending the events will spend most of their time socializing and forming connections, as well as listening to powerful speakers, such as our own Mrs.Ward,  there will also be time to explore the romantic and posh sights the city has to offer; as the city of London is a whimsical place, rich in both history and culture.

One of the events these ladies will be attending include an exclusive “The Crown” walking tour. If you’re an avid Netflix watcher, you have definitely seen this show while browsing for shows and movies to watch. If you’re a person who is interested in the rich history of the royal family, this is the show to watch. A juicy biopic following the life of Queen Elizabeth and her family, it becomes so addicting I binge watched the first season in one sitting!

These women will also be able to experience the “Ceremony of the Keys.” This ceremony which happens once a day at night symbolizes the main gates locking for the night. It is said to be the oldest and long-standing military ceremony in the world. I visited the tower of London during a school-related trip almost two years ago during the Brexit, when the United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union. During this time, the country was a hectic place, citizens were both hurt and in shock. Since then, they have collectively gathered themselves as a whole and continue to thrive, picking themselves up and carrying on independently.

Another awesome event which our CEO Anne is very excited about is the Prince’s Trust Gala dinner, a private invitation only event for 500+ people. Sure to create an unforgettable evening with drinks and dinner on the historical grounds of the Tower of London. Exclusive networking with the LTW Ambassadors, pioneering tech companies and their leaders. All

in support of The Prince’s Trust, who are helping to inspire young people across the UK to reach their fullest potential.

#Behindeverycity there are women in tech, powerful and inspirational, ready to change the future as we know it.