4 Quick Email Tips for Success!

Hello Everyone!

It’s great when you enjoy working with your colleagues because it makes life more fun. While there are so many methods of communication at this point, Regardless of how much comfort you feel there are certain things to avoid when sending an email.

Please enjoy these 4 quick tips for success:

  • Don’t be too cool for school. You should never make it feel like you’re responding late at night from your phone, even if you are. There are so many email scheduling tools that will allow you to send your email at a later time that’s during business hours.


  • Don’t forget to acknowledge the other person’s contribution or time to the conversation. I frequently like to start out my email with ‘thank you’ when I can tell time or thought has been into their note. If you appreciate someone’s time, let them know! It’s easy and costs nothing.

  • Carelessness always comes through in the end. Whether it’s through written communications or verbal. It takes seconds to tighten things up and show you care. Try to avoid one-word email responses like, “yup” or “yeah” as that can feel way too casual to the other person.
  • Ask for what you want. I’ve seen way too many brilliant people send emails expecting a response and eliciting none. Be clear, be professional, and ask for what you want. Manipulative emails can sour any business relationship quickly, so be kind but firm with your requests of others.


I hope these email tips were helpful for you. Thanks for reading!