CES 2020 Trends and Predictions

The 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is almost here! Bringing together major players in the tech world – from Amazon and LG to Microsoft, Samsung, and Sony (but famously not Apple) – as well as around 180,000 attendees, this year’s exhibition will dominate the Las Vegas Strip from January 7th to 10th.

CES 2020 promises a grand showcase of the best new gadgets and innovations for the upcoming year and beyond, foreshadowing future trends and kicking off the next decade in tech.

So what can we expect to see this year? Here are some of the highlights and trends we’re looking forward to:

Robots Robots Robots

You’ve probably heard the buzz about the pizza-making robot that will be on display at the conference – with long lines to taste the final product, we imagine! But it’s just one of a huge number of robotic devices that will draw attention.

We’ll certainly see the latest and greatest in robot vacuums, plus more unique offerings like the huggable companion robot Lovot from Groove X, and Lora DiCarlo’s micro-robotic sex toy Osé. Another big trend? Pet bots. Keep an eye out for the launch of Mia, the cute little food-dispensing companion robot for dogs and cats.

But robots aren’t just for fun and convenience. CES 2020 will also focus on how robots can help save lives and make the world a better place. We look forward to seeing some of the outstanding robot tech in areas like medicine, conservation, and space exploration.

Privacy and Security

No one likes being spied on. With the rise of surveillance capitalism and the commodification of personal data, there’s been a resurgence of consumer interest in privacy worldwide. (Check out our post on 2020 privacy trends.)

In fact, just last year was the first time cybersecurity and personal privacy were recognized as a product category at CES. This year, we predict we’ll see more physical devices like Faraday bags that can thwart surveillance and fulfill consumers’ increased desire for privacy.

But the reality is that technology serves as a double-edged sword – it can both strengthen and erode our privacy in numerous ways. So it’ll be interesting to see how CES navigates this aspect of tech as the world looks on. How to champion privacy while also promoting things like facial recognition tech and surveillance devices? It’s a fine line to walk.

The Battle of Wearables

A major trend we’ll see at CES is the use of wearable tech to make our lives easier and healthier. Wearables will battle it out in this arena, with plenty of innovative lifestyle-enhancing headwear, eyewear, smartwatches, and even connected clothing.

We’re expecting to see a proliferation of devices that offer consumers the ability to monitor their own health, behavior, and productivity on their journey toward wellness. One possible game-changer? The GoBe3 smartwatch technology that monitors hydration and claims to automatically track caloric intake without the need to manually count calories. Pretty impressive.

However, an important element of this data-driven tech is ensuring users’ personal data is protected. The products and companies that rise to the top will have to contend with this issue in order to maintain consumer trust and loyalty – and it may be a selling point for many at CES this year.

Screens of All Kinds

It’s all about screens, baby! As usual, CES will showcase the latest in laptops, TV monitors, smartphones, cameras, and more.

One of the big attractions this year will be 8K displays, with LG taking center stage with its line of Real 8K TVs – the first to be industry-certified as ‘8K Ultra HD’ resolution. We’re also expecting to see the official debut of LG’s transparent OLED TV prototype that’s been generating buzz since last year. Rumor has it that Samsung will also be unveiling a new 8K QLED TV with zero bezel, where the screen edge is almost imperceptible when viewed from a distance. How cool is that?!

And as 5G makes its launch nationwide, we’re bound to see some blazing-fast laptops that can also serve as mobile hotspots when needed. Gamers and tech lovers alike will enjoy the gorgeous screens, cutting-edge video cards, and next-generation processing power sure to be on display this year.

TV Appearances in January

Our own CEO Anne Ahola Ward will be attending CES again this year, checking out the attractions and appearing on FOX5 News in Las Vegas on January 7th to share her predictions about upcoming trends for 2020. She last appeared on the station back in November 2019 to talk about privacy on social media – watch the interview here.

Then the following week, Anne will be on FOX40 in Sacramento to discuss more 2020 tech trends. Keep an eye out for her appearance on January 13th! (In the meantime, you can watch Anne’s previous interview where she shared some expert advice on how to keep your info private online.)

For more on the latest trends, check out our Futurist Predictions for Tech in the year ahead. Happy 2020!

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