AI Tools Roundup

AI Tools Roundup Title

Artificial intelligence feels omnipresent lately. It seems that you can’t read a news story or look at an industry report without some mention of what AI is going to mean for the future, from automation to extinction! While some of those predictions will likely come true – so many more will fall flat – it seems certain that AI is going to play a meaningful role in life for many of us moving forward. 

To get our collective heads around the flood of public-facing AI tools now on the market, we’d like to use this post to highlight some that are making the most noise. 

The Big Name – ChatGPT

If you have only heard of one AI tool, this is likely to be it. ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can create original writing based on prompts that are provided by the user. While a paid version is available, this tool is still free for the public to use, and it has been achieving some impressive results. 

Will ChatGPT eliminate the need for humans to do any writing at all? That seems unlikely at this time. However, it has plenty of useful capabilities that can augment the work writers and other professionals do in a meaningful way. For instance, when asked to produce an outline on a particular topic, this AI tool can generate something that will serve as a useful starting point for a writer to then create. Moving forward, it’s sure that people will continue to find countless ways to use this technology to their benefit, both in terms of time savings as well as better results. 

A Range Of Other Tools

As ChatGPT steals the headlines, there are plenty of other implementations that are worthy of your attention, including those listed below –

Google Search Integration

The search results that Google AI serves to users are incredibly influential, as they determine what information is accessed by those users, which businesses gain customers, and much more. So, the addition of AI into the search algorithms is a change that is notable for many reasons. Among some of the many benefits that Google hopes to enjoy include better relevancy in the results, improved featured snippets, optimized autocomplete in the search bar, and ongoing learning to continue refining the results. 


Adobe Generative AI 

Not just reserved for the written word, AI is also having an impact on the visual space. With the help of Adobe’s AI art generator, it’s now possible to create original works without the design skills or creativity that would have been required previously. While it’s unlikely that this kind of tool will entirely replace accomplished professionals in this field, it could play an important role for a small business owner or entrepreneur who needs to complete a quick task without paying a contractor to do the work. 

TikTok AI

Even the often-playful world of TikTok is not beyond the powerful reach of AI. TikTok AI now offers effects to help content creators elevate their assets to a new level. As one example of how this technology works, it’s possible for users to enter a bit of text and receive a visual representation of what was entered. Given the sheer volume of people who use TikTok, and the creativity of many of those people, there is no telling what could come of this type of use of artificial intelligence. 

Will the current generation of generative AI tools change the world forever? That’s what some people would lead you to believe, but the reality of the situation is likely a little less dramatic. Like most other tools, AI seems poised to play a useful role in our work and personal lives when deployed correctly. It will be interesting to follow the tools highlighted above, along with the many others that are sure to follow, in the months and years ahead.