Apple Wanderlust Event: Recap

Apple Wanderlust Event Takes Center Stage

Every Apple event is a big deal. With a knack for the dramatic and no shortage of cool gadgets to show off, millions of people around the world tune in when Apple executives take the stage at their headquarters in Silicon Valley. 

The Wanderlust event, which took place on September 12th, 2023, was no exception to this pattern. Apple had a particularly notable set of new releases and updates in store for this one, so let’s dive into the details. 

Start with the iPhone

It seems that the biggest headlines from these events always revolve around updated iPhones, so that’s the natural place to start. 

This time around, it was the introduction of the iPhone 15 and the steps it takes to move beyond what was available on the 14. Some of the highlights include –

  • USB-C charging, instead of the Lightning port. This was a feature desired by many users and will be a popular change
  • An impressive camera setup, including a 48MP front camera
  • Dynamic Island display provides easy access to urgent information
  • Same pricing structure as with the iPhone 14

A New Watch

The next iteration of the popular Apple Watch is the Apple Watch Series 9, which from the outside, doesn’t look much (or any) different from previous versions. It remains an attractive and comfortable product that extends the usefulness of the iPhone significantly. 

One of the notable changes with the Series 9 watch is the Double Tap gesture that can be used to control watch functions. When you tap your index finger and thumb together twice (on your watch hand), the main button within an app will be activated. For example, if you are listening to music, the Double Tap will pause the music, and then can be used to start it again. This is a convenient way to avoid needing your other hand to manage watch actions. 

Focusing on the Environment

Beyond the products, there was some time spent during the presentation discussing some of the eco-focused initiatives that have been prioritized by Apple as a corporation for the years ahead. One interesting goal that will certainly change the way Apple products are distributed and received by customers is the elimination of plastic in packaging by 2025. Also, Apple is doing away with any leather components in all products. 

Gradual Steps into the Future

Major breakthroughs are fewer and further between these days than they were in the early days of devices like smartphones and smartwatches. The changes from one model to the next are more incremental in nature these days, although that could change next year when the much-anticipated Vision Pro headset is released to the public. 

With that said, the new models of the iPhone and Apple Watch are still sure to sell millions of units, so plenty of people will be excited to get their hands on these products once they ship out. Of course, another event is never too far off, so the tech world will continue to keep its eyes pointed toward Apple Park to see what innovations are next to take the stage.