Success should not be an add on

Web marketing success is not an add-on to developing your site, it is an add-in.

Why do web masters and consultants still try to make their money from performing basic text updates to your corporate website? Why should they get that power? Your website is the public face shown to the world and your message is just that yours. A CMS system is not something we compromise on, it is standard. CMS stands for content management system, which is a web interface that allows for easy updates with a simple editor – NO html or programming skills required.

In an ideal situation, the client’s website updates are made to the site when they want them to happen. It is not a “process”. Nobody has to call up “that guy” again and ask for an update and hope he will have the time to do it. You have the power in your hands with us, just login to your CMS customer portal and updates are easily done.

In the same vein, we do not consider success an add-on. Good strategy for keywords and rankings is not an option to put in the shopping cart, you guessed it! It is standard. The research begins before any copy gets written, business goals are always in mind. We prefer to do things the way they can and should be done while utilizing the best in open source technology.

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