Navigating the interwebs

The internet is an exciting landscape, but I would argue that the web is the zestiest part. Many people do not realize the web and the internet are not one and the same. There is so much action going on within the internet, ftp, telnet, VoIP, cloud computing, ooooooh my. The web is simply part of the internet. How is anyone supposed to know that? I am lucky to have had many years of web development and marketing experience. But for others, there is no magical green path as paved out in the new fidelity commercials or easy buttons like office supply stores advertise. Part of me never thinks there will be a clear path for businesses on the web. Companies need web ambassadors like myself to navigate through it all. I am happy to help, but how is a company to know the forest from the trees?

The web has given us transparency into some things in our lives like with making dinner reservations or planning vacations. We can not just plan these events respectively, but we can look up restaurant health inspections and hotel reviews. Why can’t we do a brand or marketing website check? Other than doing a google search or using a service to find title tags….? I was going to think up some OSI reference model parallels to the 7 layer burrito or something in this section, but that doesn’t seem necessary.

We know quality when we see it on a website, we want to come back to it or we tell people about it. The web needs more quality. Reddit, stumbleupon, and cute overload can only do so much for me…