The cost of waiting with the web

There are so many clich√©d expressions about waiting; early bird gets the worm, a stitch in time saves nine, you snooze you lose. The goal with conveying urgency in these expressions is to tell what foolishness happens when you do not seize an opportunity. My belief is that the web is no different, the digital gold rush is still on (but you have to try harder now). Company names are often created and sometimes weaked based on domain name registration availability. I believe the same practice has created conflicts with titles of major motion pictures, which resulted in changes. There really is no concept of later on the internet. We snack we nibble we move on quickly. How many times have you gone back and checked after seeing an ‘under construction’ or ‘coming soon’ declaration on a site? None. Yeah, same here.

For small and medium businesses a lead generation program via the web has become a time sensitive issue. Competition is tight and the race to win a piece of the google economy will get more difficult as time goes on, not easier.