A port was once a port, not an upsell

Does anyone remember Apple’s ADB standard? I remember learning about ADB after starting University, back then things were mostly beige in the computer hardware world. Apple desktop bus seemed like it made sense for Apple users, but we were unable to buy the cool peripherals that PC (USB) folks did. I wasn’t a gamer so this never cramped my style.

After killing the clones off I guess Apple decided to be nice again and went USB. I was happy with that, most mac users were. Years went buy and somehow the iPod went from having firewire ports to USB a to b then a new wacky non-universal apple branded standard. You would have to buy after market peripherals that would have come included before. Although I am dating myself here, but I still get mad about the removal of the IR port from the rev b iMacs…. Why did IR go by the wayside? They were onto something when they allowed syncing via IR with the Newton.ANYWAY, I digress. The iPod went to proprietary cables ala Apple and suddenly VGA went out the door too! Why is ADC superior to VGA? That just puts more dongles in my life. Apple used to be the user friendliest, touting ease of use. Now I have to travel with more dongles than I did with my first PowerBook Duo. Does that make sense? More purchases seem to require after market peripherals to fill in as well.

So I just pre-ordered the iPad today and believe me my hopes are high. Part of me knows it is really just a jumbo iPhone, but having been a loyal Blackberry user, I am anxious for my entrance to the new club.