What 2013 could bring for CircleClick…

Hello and Happy first blog of the year to you!

I was happy to have a nice break this winter. Taking time to visit family and loved ones makes life that much sweeter. Now that we’re all back, willing or not, it’s time to take stock and decide what the future could look like for CircleClick. We are now 3.5 years old, turning 4 in July. I cannot believe it! We’ve taken some twists and turns, but I’m really proud of all we’ve accomplished here. Special thanks to Anthony P., our lead developer and wind beneath our wings…!

In 2013 we will be expanding staff a little more with 2 new hires. We will also be expanding our offices in March 2013.

CircleClick’s New Years Resolutions

  • To continue to provide as much value as possible to our clients.
  • Continue to practice cupcake Mondays. Everyone hates Mondays, but nobody hates cupcakes!
  • Take chances even if they mean failure, but hopefully they won’t.
  • Become more active in local charities. Currently I serve as a member of BOD for the SF Texas Exes, but we can do better!

That’s it for now, ya’ll stay tuned!

Cupcake Mondays rule!