Marketing and Quora’s New Blogging Feature

Quora recently introduced a blogging platform with a mobile text editor. On Quora’s new blogging platform, users can now write anything, tag it with relevant topics, and it will show up in the Quora newsfeed of their followers, followers of the topic, and quora credits can be used to further broadcast it. If you produce good content and it is upvoted by person X, this shows up on the feeds of those following person X and more will see your post. As a marketer and a regular Quora user, I’m excited for this.

According to TechCrunch, “active writers get over 30,000 monthly views and 350,000 annual views. Its most hardcore contributors can get over 1 million views a year, and most great answers go viral and gets tens of thousands of reads. Bringing that audience to both novice and veteran bloggers looked like a natural evolution for Quora.” With Quora’s new blogging service, Quora’s existing community can be leveraged to gain visibility. This helps new writers quickly and easily gain readership, and not only that, target specifically those interested in the topic relevant in the post. This is very powerful for marketing, especially in the b2b space where content marketing is usually important for establishing credibility and thought leadership.

These Quora blogs will also be mobile-optimized for mobile browsing and in-app experiences. This is highly relevant since content consumption on mobile devices is rapidly increasing and I believe the upward trend will continue for a long time. Quora already has a great app on Android and IOS with a clean UI and good UX.

Quora blogs can be great for lead generation since Quora users are on there looking for information. If you can provide content that demonstrate domain expertise and a solution or relevant advice to their problems and questions, Quora works very well for lead generation. It will be interesting to see how Quora blogs will be integrated into Quora search.

Two things that I think are lacking on Quora blogs however are analytics and personalization. I think Quora’s lack of customization set limitations for  branding and viewership insights. Both of which are a concern for marketers.

It will be interesting to see what other new features Quora will add and how it will unravel as a new potential marketing channel. While the lack of customization on Quora Blogs is a limiting factor, the ability to broadcast to a wide targeted audience can make Quora a very powerful tool for marketers. Will you be testing out Quora Blogs?