CES 2013: Who were the winners? The losers?

CES 2013 winners and losers

What you missed at the CES 2013

CES 2013 winners and losers

CES 2013 yeehaww

For those who missed the Consumer Electronic Show 2013, I’m going to recap exactly what took place in the event. This year was nothing but spectacular for Samsung and Microsoft. Samsung produced a new type of flat plastic surface called OLED, which stands for organic light emitting diodes. Microsoft, partnering with Samsung, created a brand new Xbox 360 device that brings a whole new world to gaming. Razer Edge was brought to us by Razer and won CNET’s Best of CES award. Razer Edge is a gaming tablet that has a whole lot of processing power. I will also talk about some failures that didn’t quite turn out as they had been expected.

Best of CES 2013

Let’s start with Samsung’s new OLED technology, which will be used for TVs and smaller electronics like MP3s and phones. OLED is very different from other types of screens. It can bend from end to end without breaking and it can be dropped without problems. It provides a fresh to produce new types of technologies and surfaces. The Microsoft Illumiroom technology really made an impact at the CES 2013. Microsoft made a new type of accessory that will change the way you play your Xbox 360 forever. The Illumiroom scans your room for its width, length and height, then sets up a grid so that it can project your game into your room much like a hologram from all those sci-fi movies. Then briefly covering Razer’s new Edge tablet, which has 8 gigabytes of RAM and holds the power of a NVIDIA 640M: The processor in the Edge is an I5 processor and can be upgraded to an I7. This new tablet brings a new approach to mobile gaming, allowing tablet users to have the chance to choose a gaming platform over just the general tablets that are currently available.

 Worst of CES 2013

Some of the showings at CES were very successful, but there were some very unusual ideas such as the HapiLabs HAPIfork. The HAPIfork records how many times you pick up food and put it in your mouth; it also vibrates when you eat too much. Some more losers were the CTA Digital iPotty, which enables parents to help their toddlers learn how to do their “business” and play video games at the same time. There were many great presentations at the CES 2013, and there were some that didn’t really stand much of a chance. Overall, though, it was a great show this year.


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