CircleClick Cat Pic Break!

twilight stew!

One thing I have learned from marketing on the web is that cats are golden assets. As a cat owner I have an interest in taking a moment to peek at a cat photo or two throughout the day. I realized recently that at CircleClick our mascot would most definitely be a cat. CircleCats, raar!

My point is that all of us here are current or former cat owners. (Yes, there are dogs in the mix too so don’t worry, dog lovers.) In this post I want to highlight a very important policy here at CircleClick: there will always be time for cat photos! Do we look at them all day, no. Do we take a second from a busy day to share and admire choice ones like this (below), yes!

twilight stew!

From Anthony, the stew isn’t ready yet!

It’s more than just cat pics though. Taking a second to collectively do something as a group represents more than just cat fancy. To me it’s a great way to relax and de-stress.

Best friend cat from Ben, Diego and matching pillow

While it seems silly, the cat pic policy is a highly relaxed form of team building. We share a common interest, it just happens to be cats.  So why not agree throughout the day to casually enjoy each other’s finds? I am always happy to see a presentation with a cat bomb in it. The cat bomb is akin to the Rickrolling trend of years past. The point I am trying to make here is that team building happens organically, as does stress relief. I have never enjoyed a super corporate team building seminar or forced mixer.

As a boutique agency owner I have to find ways to compete with the bigger companies out there. San Francisco is home to the best of the best in website marketing. I firmly believe that your work product is always better when you’re having fun. Knowing I teach valuable skills to my team while we all enjoy ourselves makes me feel good. Going into the end of our third year at CircleClick, we have our occasional junk food days, weekly fruit delivery and now daily cat pics – purrfect to me! (yeah I took it there)

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