3 Underrated Companies With Great Marketing Blogs

Content marketing is a great way to establish domain expertise and acquire customers. This form of marketing can be time consuming but it is highly relevant.  If done right, it can yield to a high ROI, especially in the b2b space. Check out these 3 underrated companies who are doing content marketing right by publishing top-notch marketing content on their blog.

VerticalResponse provides marketing solution for small businesses which includes, email marketing, social media, online surveys, event marketing, and postcard marketing. Their blog covers a wide variety of marketing content covering topics like social media, customer service, PR, non-profit marketing, and more. Need tips on social media or content marketing? You’ll likely find it on their blog.

Another company in the email marketing space with a great blog is LaunchBit. LaunchBit is an ad network for email and their blog is a great source of information for everything email related. How do you tackle cold emails? What time is the best time to send an email? These are the type of content you can typically find on the LaunchBit blog. A great aspect to their blog is that they are very metrics driven and will frequently provide advice with numbers and statistics to support it.

For content on social media marketing for Facebook, refer to PostRocket’s blog. PostRocket is a Facebook Newsfeed optimization tool and they provide content on how to do just that. For everything relating to Edgerank, this blog rocks at providing a lot of digestible quality information. They also provide a lot of visual content in the form of infographics.

Let these awesome blogs be your example for content marketing done right. Remember, blogging is also good for SEO, so if you have the resource, consider implementing it into your overall marketing strategy.