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5 Things That Make Working in San Francisco Special…

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I love San Francisco. Love it, love it, love it. I have to say though that it’s a unique place that creates opportunities like nowhere else. However, this funky climate we’ve all come to enjoy lends itself to some interesting situations at work. We are arrogant, we are fun, but above all we are geeks!

1. Watch what you say at your office, because if it’s funny to someone then it WILL get tweeted.


2. You can text and tweet while in a meeting, holding a conversation, going to the bathroom or talking on the phone. 100% acceptable in SF, but not in the rest of the world.

Thanks to Huffington Post for the image

Thanks to Huffington Post for the image

3. TLAs are always welcome. We *love* our three letter acronyms. Whether it’s API, SDK or TMI – we’re using it. We’re texting it and yes, we’re probably tweeting it.

Totes serious.

Totes serious.

4. You cannot assume that a person eats meat or owns a tv, because there’s a good chance they don’t. We always say let’s do lunch, but rarely does it happen. Maybe this is not a unique to SF thing, but nobody here seems to take an actual lunch, ever.

Soups on and it's possibly vegan!

Soups on and it’s possibly vegan!

5. Frequently the question is asked: “Do you know ______ the founder of ________?” Wait for it… And the answer is often “Yes”! As big as the Bay Area is, it’s actually quite small. Don’t make enemies in SF, because you WILL run into them and they will annoy you.

Two hearts that beat as one

Two hearts that beat as one

Bonus video, Two of Hearts:

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