Is this lady really going to let me stay for free at her house during SXSW?

If you’re reading this then you’ve probably read on reddit or twitter about the contest for free lodging at SXSW. You might be asking yourself, is this lady really going to let me stay for free?

The answer is an enthusiastic – YES!

Of course, this is if you win the contest. In order to win you have to pitch me on how you’ll help me represent my blog at SXSW interactive.  I’ve just opened up the contest and the entries have started… I will make my decision in a few weeks.

Please believe me when I say that I know how weird it sounds. I implore you to believe in humanity a little. I am from Austin, but live in San Francisco where we believe in the shared economy. Any jerk can take your money for a place to stay during SXSW. I’m not interested in the money that comes with the obligation for me to run a bed and breakfast. Rather, I want a cool team of people helping me achieve my dreams. It is my dream to assemble an amazing crew of people to roll with at SXSW.

Here are some tips to help you win:

*Be yourself but feel free to get as creative as you like. I am not a square.

*Content is a key element to promoting oneself. What content could you create?

*Please no entries that say “we’ll rock you out or let’s f%$!in’ rock this bro.”

*We are not looking for music entries this year…