Does advertising on Twitter help or hurt your Klout score?

Many of us marketers have toyed around with Twitter ads. Anywhere my clients go I tend to go first, so I have been using Twitter ads since they were in beta.  Advertising on twitter can either hurt or help your Klout score, but it probably won’t. The answer to my titular question is both good or bad can happen to your Klout score.

Even before their acquisition Klout has been quiet about how they grade our Twitter accounts as good, bad or otherwise. If you are not an employee of either organization, than you really need to run some big accounts to see the subtle changes advertising can have. Fortunately for me, I get to work with some household national brands on Twitter. I’ve seen that Klout increases engagement more to the higher quality of content, regardless of ads.

You must remember that Klout has ties to Twitter. Twitter wouldn’t penalize themselves like that for people giving them moola. The big grade from both Twitter and Klout is engagement. Their algorithms look to discover how relevant your content is to others, just like with our friend SEO.

If you’re worrying about social media advertising and how it could be affecting your Klout score. Stop. Right. There. Focus on the quality of your content and the amount of engagement your ads are getting – that’s what matters. Klout scores can be gamed and most marketers I know don’t place much value on it.