HashAtIt Launches New Apps for Facebook and iOS

Ten (maybe even five) years ago, if someone were to ask you what the symbol # meant, you would probably have said pound sign. And, you would have been correct. Fast forward to today, where both active social media users and internet luddites both can answer with certainty that # is a hashtag. From watching your favorite television shows to catching up on breaking news stories, smart media marketers use hashtags on multiple social media sites to get their topic across to the public as well as like-minded individuals wanting to discuss a certain subject. But, how can finding relevant information across all social platforms be made even easier? Enter HashAtIt.

hashtag meme

See? We’re getting old…


HashAtIt calls itself “The Social Search Engine” because it does just that. It searches the top social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest gathering all the information on certain hashtags then compiles the results from all four sites into one place. With so much information floating around specific hastags across every site, the essential information can easily get muddled in with the spam and negativity. HashAtIt recognized that concern, and allows users to customize their dashboard by embedding it on to their personal social sites and blogs, as well as allowing each user to mute the posts they find irrelevant. In addition to these features, the search engine is compatible with multiple language inputs for users all over the world. The app is currently available for download on iOS and Facebook with the Android version coming soon.

Aside from the obviously fun uses, like catching up with all the news on your favorite celebrity or joining a conversation about your favorite book, HashAtIt also has some very practical uses. Think about the last source you used to get news. Chances are that it was some form of social media. And, chances are that it was happening in real time versus waiting for an article to be written, reviewed, and published. By being able to search popular hashtags over all platforms, HashAtIt presents important news as it is happening without traditional polishing and censorship.

HashAtIt also helps to put the “social” aspect back into social media. Along with bringing breaking news together, it can bring together people on different platforms under the same interest, creating a community of like-minded individuals that may have otherwise not found each other. That is what’s truly at the heart of social media: bringing people together to make the world more connected, informed, and perhaps even a little smaller (in the best of ways). With the introduction of mobile apps, HashAtIt is taking something already convenient and taking it to near lazy level.

If you would like to know more about HashAtIt, you can watch this fun, informative video: