Riddle Allows Professionals to Create Beautiful Interactive Content

Thanks to the proliferation of Buzzfeed articles on our social media platform, by now most of us who use Facebook are familiar with the concept of a listacle. Regardless of whether you love them or not, listacles can be very effective for content distribution and the way in which we receive our news. Perhaps it’s a timely article such as “The Top 50 Greatest NBA Players of All Time“, a cutesy click-bait type piece like “11 Baby Animals So Cute You’ll Squeeze Your Eyeballs Out“, or a more business relevant piece such as “5 Career Tips from an 81 Year Old“.

While content like that is easy to read, it’s not always easy to create in an easily digestible format. Riddle may be the solution; it recently emerged with the goal of giving everybody the power to create beautiful interactive content without any of the usual hassles.

Riddle is a free platform that allows its users to create sharable lists, opinion polls, pop quizzes, personality tests, and commenticles. Although the company just launched at the end of April, it has already run successful collaborations with companies. Riddle says that Cats Paradise, a cat community, saw a spike of fans and page views using Riddle with its service and a 62% gain in revenue over the first month.

The platform has continuously been making updates to improve customer experience. Here are some of the recent updates:

  • New Design. Here’s a before and after example:

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 4.02.03 PM

  • Add your own URL links: Easily add links to lists, quizzes, and tests – just type the URL (starting with // or www). Perfect for highlighting your other content, citing sources, or sending interested users to your online storefront.
  • Custom formatting: In addition to custom fonts, you can now change the color of the buttons and background of any Riddle so it seamlessly blends in with your site.
  • Improved statistics dashboard: Quickly see key data about your Riddles’ performance – from how many people viewed, finished and then shared each one.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 4.27.11 PM

To test the service, we created a quiz ourselves – and it took under 5 minutes. It’s especially business critical since CircleClick has an open cat picture policy.


Test out Riddle here – and enjoy!