Happy 7th Birthday, CircleClick!

Paying respects to Smule

This week marks seven years since CircleClick opened its doors. While there’s plenty to look forward to in the coming years, it’s also important to reflect on significant milestones such as this one. According to our CEO, Anne A. Ward,

“One of the most awesome parts about living and working in San Francisco is the variety and amount of projects people are involved in. Innovation lurks in every corner. There is so much collaboration and inspiration all around us every day and I am thankful for that.”

2016 has been especially exciting for the agency thus far. Anne has already spoken at a few conferences, including SEJ Summit, DevOps Day, and the Integrated Marketing Virtual Conference.

We also recently announced that Anne is writing the next book on SEO for O’Reilly Media, titled The SEO Battlefield: Winning Strategies for Search Marketing Programs. This will be available in October and is available for pre-order on Amazon now. Getting there was a long road, which Anne waxes nostalgic about,

It’s truly an honor to be a member of the O’Reilly author family. My first web development job in the late 90s was converting O’Reilly books into HTML and graphics at night for a (now failed) startup in Austin. While editing those books, I was reading them. I’m so glad I did…

Here’s to the next seven years!