Our CEO conquering the Future of Blockchain

On Tuesday, June 26th CircleClick Media CEO, Anne Ahola Ward spoke at the sold out “Future of Blockchain” event hosted by Runway. Runway is a technology innovation hub bringing together entrepreneurs, startups, VCs, mentors, Fortune 500 Corporations, and industry experts. This hub provides co-working space to entrepreneurs, accelerator programs for high-growth startups, corporate innovation services to global companies, and event programming. This event will facilitate a conversation on how the Blockchain, smart contracts and cryptocurrency are going to positively affect the world. The purpose of this event is bringing together innovators to guide the audience on the journey of the next frontier of Blockchain technology.

Each of the speakers answered the following four questions:

  1. If anything was possible, what could the Blockchain industry become in the next 10 years?
  2. What organization or person are you most inspired by that is driving us toward that vision?
  3. What do you think is achievable for the Blockchain industry within the next year?
  4. What can people here at this event do to make that vision a reality?

This event took place at Twitter HQ Building in San Francisco, California.

Event agenda:

  • 5:50pm | Doors open
  • 6:00pm | Networking with beverages and appetizers as well as Hoverboard demos for attendees.
  • 7:00pm | Ian Utile will be interviewing fourteen different speakers, one after another, for ~7 minutes each.
  • 9:00pm | Post-show networking with beverages and light snacks as well as more Hoverboard demos.
  • 10:00pm | Event ends.

This event will be available through livestream.