ROCKtober is almost over…

Dear friends, clients, countrymen/women, hello!

October was quite a busy month for me with not one, but TWO TV appearances. It’s very important to me to keep helping spread information to the rest of the world about what happens here in Silicon Valley. I was excited to do my largest appearance yet (viewing area 2M+) with Merilee Kern on San Francisco’s CBS5 KPIX to talk about the future and a few topics near and dear to my heart.

This was a pre-recorded appearance, meaning Merilee taped me via Skype and then taped herself later on. While the appearance turned out fairly well, I felt it was a little weird for me to do it that way, but hey I’m learning!

Later in the month, I went back on ABC10 Sacramento to talk about the Future of Social Media, we touched on social media trends, hot topics and the like.

According to some folks (yes, my Mom), this was my best TV appearance yet!

While I enjoyed both appearances, I learned that I like doing live TV much better than pre-recorded. There’s something about being live on the air that makes it feel more fun. Either way, I continue to be excited and flattered that I’m getting asked back on the air. It is my dream to help the world share my love for technology and see it as a way to improve lives.

I’m not just the president of the future fan club, I’m also a client!