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Why did the Optimist Cross the Road?

Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.  -Lyndon B. Johnson The impact of COVID-19 is being felt around the globe as we speak, and we’ll be dealing with upheavals in our lives for who knows how long. Regardless of what’s happening right now and the severity of it, […]

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CCPA and the Ongoing Fight for Digital Privacy

Data surveillance feels omnipresent in our digital lives… Because it is. Chances are, your smartphone location is being recorded in a spreadsheet somewhere. Facebook and Google track your activity all over the web. Data brokers collect and sell information about you and millions of others in a largely unregulated industry that most of us know […]

CES 2020 Trends and Predictions

The 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is almost here! Bringing together major players in the tech world – from Amazon and LG to Microsoft, Samsung, and Sony (but famously not Apple) – as well as around 180,000 attendees, this year’s exhibition will dominate the Las Vegas Strip from January 7th to 10th. CES […]

The year 2020 approaches

Our 2020 Futurist Predictions for Tech

With the end of our year (and decade) approaching and the proliferation of pumpkin spice, it is now time to make predictions! As a milestone year, 2020 marks a new beginning and a great opportunity to pause and consider what lies ahead. It will be far cooler to say the 20s rather than the ‘aughts’ […]

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Why Do We Love to Hate Influencers?

If someone called themselves an influencer when you met them, would you be impressed OR would you roll your eyes? Probably the latter. Lately, we’ve begun to wonder, is the influencer era over? Not a chance. According to the numbers, influencer marketing is growing, with the industry set to be worth $15 billion by 2022 […]

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Privacy Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Privacy has become a major buzzword in 2019 and we do not expect that to go away in 2020. Privacy tech made a splash early this year at the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and has only gathered steam since.  With widespread attention on corporate mishandling of personal data and new laws being proposed to […]

CEO Anne Ahola Ward to speak at Futurist Blockchain Conference 2019

Canada’s largest blockchain event, the Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto, Ontario, is back for its second year on August 13-14, 2019 – and CircleClick Media’s own CEO, Anne Ahola Ward, will be appearing on a panel to discuss the future of blockchain technology. If you’re wondering how Anne can juggle running TWO companies at once, […]

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Digital Video is Exploding: This is Why

Everyone in marketing is excited about video these days, and especially after the recent release of venture capitalist Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report for 2019. Known as the “Queen of the Internet” after her bullish stock calls during the dot-com bubble, Meeker continues to predict need-to-know tech trends year after year. We are what you […]

4 Quick Email Tips for Success!

Hello Everyone! It’s great when you enjoy working with your colleagues because it makes life more fun. While there are so many methods of communication at this point, Regardless of how much comfort you feel there are certain things to avoid when sending an email. Please enjoy these 4 quick tips for success: Don’t be […]

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To Link or Not to Link: Our Take on Crediting Sources

Should you receive credit via a do-follow link when another site quotes you or uses your content? In an ideal world, sure. But you’re not entitled to a link, according to Google. Roger Montti recently delved into this issue in his article about a Twitter conversation between Rand Fishkin, Google’s Danny Sullivan, and others in […]