How to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Influencers

Working with influencers to promote your brand is a powerful opportunity to earn trust among members of your target audience. If you can find influencers with the right audience size and relevance to your market, the partnership that follows could lead to excellent results for all involved. As a matter of fact, influencer marketing is […]

How to Make Money as an Influencer

It’s never been so easy, we’ve seen it all before: Scroll through content on Instagram, TikTok, or Youtube, and a person pops up to talk about their favorite product at the moment. It might be the most delicious salsa from the grocery store, an eyeshadow palette, or a clothing line that hasn’t been made available […]

How to Prepare for GA4

Everyone in the business of owning or running websites knows (and dreads) that the migration to Google Analytics 4 is close at hand. While this big change has been looming for a while, there is now a hard date of July 1st, 2023 when Universal Analytics will stop processing hits. So, all organizations will need […]

Consensus 2022 Recap

The Consensus 2022 by CoinDesk festival is an event that brings together thousands of the world’s brightest minds and impactful voices from the crypto community. This year’s exciting conference returned to sizzling Austin, Texas on June 9-12 to showcase and celebrate all sides of blockchain, crypto, Web 3, and the metaverse.  Consensus 2022 Festival Highlights With so […]

10 Women We Admire

At CircleClick, we love being on the ground floor. We find joy in helping our clients build, create and bring dynamic projects into the world that are unlike anything else. In short, we love a success story. And we know we’re not the only ones, which is why we chose to highlight 10 women we […]

Web3: Exploring the Near Future of the Internet

This blog was originally published on Grit Daily News on February 28, 2022 Web3 is on track to become the buzzword of the decade (sorry, metaverse). In short, application developers and marketers alike are converging on Web3 as the next stage in the evolution of the internet. In order to look forward, you must first […]

Rising from the Ashes of FloC Comes Topics

Google has ended its plans to replace third-party cookies with FloC (Federated Learning of Cohorts), instead proposing a new system for interest-based advertising, Topics. FloC was introduced in August 2019 as part of Google’s original plan to eliminate third-party cookies from its Chrome browser in favor of improved user privacy. Instead of tracking individual users, […]

How to Skew Data for Fun and Privacy

You don’t have to supply all of your real identity information to every website, service, or app that asks for it. If your gut reaction to my previous sentence is “but hey, that violates the terms of service,” then stop reading now and go color inside the lines. The internet can be a scary place, […]