CircleClick Announces oDesk CEO Gary Swart to Join Board of Advisors


December 17, 2012 – San Francisco, CA – CircleClick is pleased to announce that oDesk’s CEO Gary Swart is joining the company’s Board of Advisors. Swart is the fourth member to join this expert advisory teams and brings with him a wealth of technology and marketing knowledge and experience.

As CEO of oDesk, the world’s largest global marketplace, Swart has extensive knowledge about establishing and maintaining a successful online presence. He holds a BS in Business from the University of Maryland, and has over 18 years of experience in the marketing and technology industry. As a professional marketing firm designed to provide exceptional services to its customers, CircleClick is pleased to have Swart join its vital advisory team. This teams works together to provide CircleClick with viable information and advice to help design and implement improved services for its customers.

CircleClick works with each customer on an individualized basis to create a comprehensive marketing plan that works best to meet their specific goals. The company provides an array of services designed to build and maintain a successful online presence, including website design, landing pages, search marketing and social media advertising. Its website design services provide customers with a hassle-free, unique approach to help attract more potential customers and entice sales. It helps create websites that are fast, easy-to-use and encourage the viewer to take immediate action.

The highly-experienced web designers at CircleClick create customized landing pages that work specifically to improve sales, increase conversion and generate leads that transition into sales. It also offers professional and expert search marketing and social media advertising services that build online visibility and locate potential customers. These services are offered at affordable rates with built-in budget controls to keep marketing cost-effective for each business. CircleClick provides each customer with informational reports that keeps the client constantly updated on the status of their specific marketing goals. Live expert advisers are also available to guide customers through the marketing process.

Key facts:

  • CircleClick proudly announces that oDesk’s CEO Gary Swart will join its advisory board.
  • oDesk is the world’s largest online mobile workforce. – CircleClick offers a range of marketing services, including website design, landing pages, search marketing and social media advertising.
  • It creates a customized online marketing plan to meet each customer’s specific goals.
  • The marketing firm builds website and marketing strategies that increase leads, build online presence and boost sales.
  • It offer immediate support from live online expert advisors and provides 24/7 online monitoring.

About CircleClick Media

CircleClick is a digital marketing firm established in 2009 with a core emphasis on SEO. The company specializes in helping clients boost their sales through establishing and maintaining online presences to generate more sales leads. Its team of experts has been in the web industry since the 1990’s, bringing unparalleled expertise to clients to design and build the strongest digital presence possible, and attract customers through incredible content, smart advertising and integrated campaigns.