A Tech Conference with a Sense of Humor?

SAN FRANCISCO, June 1st — FunnyBizz Conference is out to prove business doesn’t have to be boring. Modern businesses succeed or fail based on their ability to connect with consumers through content, social media, and viral marketing. FunnyBizz is a conference dedicated to teaching those businesses the essential principles of comedy, improv and storytelling. The goal? To use humor to make an impact, add value and connect with customers on a level that not only inspires loyalty, but causes coffee to shoot out their noses.

After years of suffering through the cacophony of meaningless business-speak native to typical conferences, former marketing consultant David Nihill stopped stuffing corporate giveaways in his ears and came to a powerful conclusion: business has no idea how  to properly harness one of the most powerful tools available to mankind- humor.

“Business works better with a level of entertainment. People open emails with funny subject lines at a 5x higher rate than ones with subject lines like “Global High-Level Leadership for the Digital Enterprise.” You want people to engage with the content you spend the time and effort to put out into the world, right? We help companies do that,” Nihill said.

Science it seems is in agreement. John Medina, a biologist and author of the best-selling book Brain Rules says, “The brain doesn’t pay attention to boring things. Laughter triggers a dopamine release, which aids memory and information processing. It’s like a mental post-it note that tells your brain: remember this.”

“Today’s generation has been socialized to receive info via humor. They want infotainment, not information. They expect data to be delivered with a punchline. Whenever anyone steps on stage they become an entertainer;when they blog they’re a writer and when they market they better be shareable. One of the best ways to stand out from the noise across these mediums is to be funny,” said Nihill.

“Humor is neither understood nor embraced by most companies. Most are worried about alienating their customers. You know what’s truly alienating? Being boring,” Nihill says.

Turning funny into money.

Marketing costs money. Failing at it costs even more. FunnyBizz brings leading thinkers from the seemingly disparate worlds of comedy and business together to demonstrate the many ways humor can make any organization’s communications more powerful, effective, and above all, fun.

The next full day FunnyBizz Conference will be held Thursday June 9th, at the Chapel in San Francisco. Speakers include creative directors, humor experts, founders, content marketers, TED speakers and the Founder of The Onion, Scott Dikkers.

In the words of Mark Twain, “The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.” If your organization has ever found itself babbling incoherently about “global leaders, leading globally,” it’s time to take up arms.  It sure beats stuffing stress balls in your ears.


About The FunnyBizz Conference: 

FunnyBizz is the only conference of its kind, bringing leading thinkers from the seemingly disparate worlds of comedy and business together to help the world stop synergizing its value-adds and learn to find its funny. http://funnybizz.co/funnybizz-conference/

For more information on the event contact FunnyBizz Conference founder David Nihill at david@funnybizz.com

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