Summer Intern Program to Begin in June 2015

MAY 5, 2015 – SAN FRANCISCO – Beginning in June, a team of technically-focused international students will be working alongside the CircleClick team as part of a new summer intern program. The interns’ first projects will be learning about CircleClick’s main services, SEO, ASO, Analytics and Content Marketing. While the interns individual skills vary widely, they are all non-natives of the United States. The theory being that there will be a sharing of ideas between both parties.

Ideally, the learning that happens will help to further enhance the collective brain trust that CircleClick is known for.

Once a person learns how to do something or establishes a skill, it’s likely that the person will continue to do it the same way. Interns have had the opportunity to grow up with technology and use it every day to make complex tasks easier and to solve problems in new and innovative ways. While it takes some effort to create an internship program, but it will no doubt help the company to improve and expand horizons.

According to CEO of CircleClick, Anne A. Ward,

I’ve always believed that a crucial part of learning is teaching. This is a big step for the CircleClick team and we are thrilled to start working with these exceptional students. I’m confident that working with CircleClick and our partners will provide invaluable experience for the interns and we are privileged to work with them as well.”

The interns will work with CircleClick throughout the summer on a variety of projects yet to be determined. Stay tuned to find out how the interns are progressing!

If you are interested in becoming a student of SEO, ASO or Analytics and have the necessary fundamentals, please send an email to interns at CircleClick dot com with your resume and two professional references.


About CircleClick Media

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