NYC CircleClick Party Pics!

Recently CircleClick threw a little shindig in NYC. We wanted to commemorate CircleClick’s first birthday as well as the launch of our new software. A few folks dropped by and a good time was had by all. In my opinion, the crowd was totally A-list. Not to get all name droppy on ya, but there […]


What makes a good software product? Vitamins vs. Pain Killers

Nobody says software anymore, so I suppose I should use the term “app”.¬† The term software makes one think of shrink-wrapped boxes, not the web.¬† Although I am only 31, that number makes me an old lady in Silicon Valley years. I created my first website 13 years ago. Eeeks! Anyway, a wise person told […]


W3C validation – to bother or not to bother?

Many of us have heard of the website grader, many of us also know there are but a few standards on the web that everyone collectively cares about. I believe that W3C code validation is one of those concepts we all totally want to care about, but it is not always in the cards.