Paying respects to Smule

Happy 7th Birthday, CircleClick!

This week marks seven years since CircleClick opened its doors. While there’s plenty to look forward to in the coming years, it’s also important to reflect on significant milestones such as this one. According to our CEO, Anne A. Ward, “One of the most awesome parts about living and working in San Francisco is the […]

What’s Happening This Week at CircleClick?

Happy Tuesday! We have lots of exciting projects in the works at CircleClick, including a book by our CEO, and there are several events happening this week to call out in particular. Wednesday, 6/21 – IBM Twitter Chat Our CEO, Anne Ahola Ward, is a featured participate in IBM’s #NewWaytoEngage tweet chat, “Better Understand Your […]

STRV Pitch Night Recap

This past Tuesday, STRV held its first-ever Pitch Competition, in which startups competed to win $150,000 worth of mobile development for three months. It was held in a trendy space in the up-and-coming Dogpatch neighborhood in San Francisco, complete with an indoor pool and a floating plastic swan. Five judges sat listened to representatives from 15 startups […]

Collision, Where the Tech World Meets

The Collision Conference has recently gained traction as the new SXSW. Clearly this garnered our interest. 🙂 The Wall Street Journal wrote this conference is where “the giants of the web assemble”; and they weren’t kidding! There were over 300 speakers and moderators, 630 startup companies in exhibit, and over 400 investors from leading funds […]

SEJ Summit 2016 Recap: Mobile, SEO and Paid Search

Last week in the beautiful city of Santa Monica, CircleClick CEO Anne A. Ward was a keynote speaker at the prestigious Search Engine Journal Summit. Additional keynotes included Maile Ohye and John Brown of Google, Jeff Preston of Disney, and Larry Kim, founder of Wordstream. The SEJ Summit is a unique conference experience tailored for […]

Millennials: Not as Fickle or Anti-Establishment as You Think

J.D. Power just released its Millennials Insight Report*, which provides a 360-degree perspective on what people get right – and more frequently wrong – when considering the preferences of this group. The full report contains a wide range of data points and analyses that capture Millennials’ Voice of the Customer experience, covering such business segments […]

In Pursuit of the Future, Now!

Hello! Thanks for tuning into my two-parter blog about our robot chasing ways at SXSW 2016. Let’s just say some bots were slightly more inspirational than others…   As an IBM Futurist I was invited to get a private guided robot tour with gracious and wonderful robot hostesses at the Cognitive House. They helped me navigate the exciting  robo-revelations […]

Why I am Chasing Robots at #SXSW

This year at SXSW I am chasing robots, not waterfalls. My dream for Interactive is to hang out with as many robots as humanly possible. I also want to see who will be pushing the bounds of AR and VR. Why Anne, why don’t you fear robots or the future of AI? Because a wise woman once taught me fear […]

5 Heartwarming Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and Hallmark isn’t the only company cashing in on the holiday. In fact, the usual Valentine’s Day staples set the average person back an average of a whopping $512.03, according to Bankrate’s research after putting together its first “Be My Valentine Index.” Wondering how it’s possible to spend this much? The […]

3 Unexpected ways to use G+

Let’s start off with the standard disclaimers, G+ is not for everyone. G+ is debatably not meant for living, breathing humans. I mean look at this fun interface!  Collections, what’s that about? A new feature nobody wanted or needed. Let the fun begin… It’s hotly debated amongst SEOs if social matters for search. Google has […]